Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Little Equestrienne

In the weeks before we left Brasilia, I had the chance to take horseback riding lessons.  The riding school works with kiddos to help them feel comfortable with horses, but also to provide a unique form of exercise that focuses on balance and coordination.  Many children and adults with special needs also take lessons for riding therapy.  The "tia's" or riding instructors were super-sweet, and I had a great time riding in the hills above Brasilia!
Gotta have a riding habit
 Getting to know my new, four-legged friend
Heading into the arena
 Doing some of the riding calisthenics

Heading out to palmy pastures
~ Avery

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pre-Birthday in BSB

Since we'll be in Rio for my REAL birthday, we decided to have a pre-birthday/going away party, so I could celebrate with friends. Our party theme were the blue macaws from...what else?  The movie, Rio!
My friend Sofia and I hung out while the party gear was being set up.
When it was party time, we (especially Isla) all had a blast jumping on the "Poula Poula"

One, two, three lil' princess
Fresh french fries, anyone?
"Birthday" Girl
My cake had sparkler candles.  We weren't sure exactly what they'd do when Daddy lit them up.

That darn trick candle!
Isla knows a good cake when she sees one.
Me and my BFF, Nina.  I sure hope she'll come to visit me in Rio.
Birthday cake with my peeps.