Monday, November 30, 2009

Summertime in November

This weekend, we drove to Pirenopolis - a small, historic town, for some fun in the sun.
We stayed at a really great place that had a wonderful swimming pool..
...monkeys to feed (can you see him?)
...and cozy, canopied beds.
They even had a sweet kitten for me to pet!
Oh yeah, we ate some yummy ice cream, and frozen açaí, too!
By the way, have I told you I'm going to be a Big Sister? That's my baby sister in Mommy's belly (I don't think Mommy was ready for this picture!) I can't wait for the baby to arrive in April!
Saturday, we went on an off-road excursion to this Cachoeira - it was beautiful!
I had a great time, and am ready to go back!