Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012 Happenings

We had a long-lived Halloween this year, complete with school activities and carnivals, and Consulate-hosted parties.  By the time Halloween Day rolled around, we were Halloweened out!
 The Friday before Halloween, we celebrated at school with "Spirit Day."  We wore our costumes to school, and pretty much had fun all day!  This year, I dressed up as the pink Power Ranger.   Mommy brought cupcakes to our classroom, and we all had fun decorating.
Isla didn't have school, so she had a chance to check out my classroom.  She was definitely impressed.
The next day, there was a Halloween Carnival at school.  I played games, and won silly prizes.  Good Stuff.
The next day, the US Consulate here in Rio hosted its first-ever Trick or Treat party at one of the apartment buildings. There were tables with crafts and games, and then we Trick or Treated from table to table. 
It was a family affair.

Hmmmm...scary skeletal hands protecting protecting the goodies.  Not. Good.
 Isla (in Bumble Bee Ballerina costume) reaping the Trick or Treating rewards
In the end, no tricks, ALL treats!