Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isla's 1st Haircut

We've been putting it off for some time.  Mommy and Daddy hated to take the scissors to my hair, something about not wanting to cut my "curls."  But as my wiley locks could attest - it was time...

Mommy caught me in a distracted moment - I didn't even know she had those pointy things near my neck!  Overall, about two fingers worth trimmed...

...and now, much fewer tangles, and just prettier all around...

There's even still a hint at....well, we'll just call it a wave.
Don't worry, the clippings made it to the baby book under 1st Haircut!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten (i.e. "real school)

Another cool thing about turning five years old is....School!  Kindergarten, that is.  Real school.  The Big Show.  Where bells ring, and classes proceed, and lunch happens with a line, and a tray.  This week, I started Kindergarten at Escola Americana.  It's a great, big place where kids K-High School attend.  The neatest thing, too, is that the school campus sits amid the Tijuca Forest, so our campus feels like it's in the middle of the jungle!

My first day started off bright and early.  In fact, I don't think I was completely awake when Mommy snapped this pic of me about to head out the door!
 One more before reporting to the meeting area.
 Here's my new teacher, Miss Roberta.  She's really nice, and I know I'll have a great year being in her class.
 My class sat as a group as we waited for all the kids to arrive.  I even met a new friend!
 Mommy went a little overboard with the picture-taking.
 Finally, Miss Roberta said it was time to go to class!
 Heading in.
 Before I knew it, it was time to head home on the school bus. I must admit, one of the things I was most excited about with the start of school was being able to ride the school bus.  I wasn't disappointed!
In Isla news: My Little Sister started up at a new school, too.  Mommy and Daddy walk her to school, where she plays, sings, and learns her colors and ABCs.  Doesn't she look cute in her little sailor's uniform?