Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Brazilian Christmas Weekend

We thought that spending Christmas at home in Brazil would mean quiet times for the holiday.  We may not have had any schedules to keep, but that didn't stop us from having a fun weekend, full of holiday cheer....Brazilian style!

Saturday evening, we put on our darling dresses to head out to Vigil Mass.  Needless to say, capturing a picture of BOTH of us sitting pretty is still a challenge.
One of us (ahem) cooperates better than the other!

That night, it was lights out early, as our Santa Tracker said he was on his way!  On Christmas morning, we awoke to quite the pile of loot!
My Elf must have delivered all my wishes for a Barbie computer right to Santa himself!
Isla will also have the chance to practice her techno-savvy.
It wasn't long before we tested out our new sets of wheels

Later in the afternoon, we took to the pool with Daddy-O (aka Santa wanna-be ;)

....and wrapped up the day by making some very festive cupcakes.
It was such a wonderful Christmas, with much to be thankful for.  We hope you also had a very Merry Christmas!
~ Avery

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