Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Newest Member of the Family

No, it's not a baby (not yet, at least) - it's a bird!
Here's the story: Last week when Daddy went for a run, he came across a wounded little bird on the sidewalk, and brought it home. I immediately fell in love with it, and Daddy said we could buy a cage, and nurse it back to health.
The next day when I was at school, Mommy and Daddy did get a cage, but when we arrived home, we discovered the bird had, "flown away to Heaven."
I was devastated.
Daddy and Mommy decided I could pick out another bird, since we already had a cage and all, so long as I promised to take great care of it.

After a long visit with the bird store owner, we decided on a sweet little cockatiel. We're not sure if he's a boy or girl, but since Daddy is already so outnumbered by girls, we decided the little bird is a boy to try to even things out - we named him Miles.

He's very calm and gentle, and doesn't even get too nervous when Isla squeals in delight at the sight of him.

My first pet, and I love him!



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